About Mata Badai Studio

Get to Know the Faces Behind the Digital Magic ✨🤳

Hey there! We’re Mata Badai Studio, and we kicked off in 2022.

We’re not your average digital squad. In our very first year, we rocked it, generating over 1 billion Rupiah in revenue for our clients! 🚀 Plus, we’ve got a solid 5-star rating on Google Maps, so you know we’re legit. 🌟

We live and breathe all things digital, creating epic content, killer ads, and social media wizardry to make your brand shine online.

Join us, and let’s make your brand’s digital dreams come true! 🤘


Mata Badai Team

digital mavericks

Our team, the Gen Z Digital Mavericks, is a dynamic group of young creatives who are revolutionizing social media and digital marketing.

Renowned for our authentic storytelling, adaptability, and global reach, we are the trendsetters in the digital landscape, connecting with audiences and driving meaningful change.